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Here you can find all important facts about our services, our experiences and masterful craftsmanship. If you have any questions, please contact us:

mobile +43 664 3435306

phone/fax: +43 6468 20342

e-mail: office@haas-ofenbau.at

We would be happy to talk to you personally about your plans and needs in detail.

» Company history:

Our family business was founded in 1979 by Friedrich Haas.

David Haas has been working in his father’s company since 1995. He successfully passed his journeyman’s exam in 1998 and took the examination for the master craftsman diploma in stove fitting in 2001.

Since January 2009 he runs his handicraft business (traditional workshop) together with his wife Isabella.

» Principles:

Masterful craftsmanship is based on expert advice, first-class experience, a broad spectrum, intuition, customer focus and adherence to schedules. In addition, our skilled masterful craftsmanship easily can be recognized by the love for new designs.

» Tiled stove or base stove:

Whether reduced, modern, rustically or traditionally decorated – there are hardly any limits for your creative ideas and your self-designed tiled stove. And when the crackling of the fire at home develops its magic and a cozy comfortable ambience, then the world is in order.

In respect of individual design and optimal function a tiled stove is a very personal unique. It stands for your individual, formative lifestyle and creates ambience, cosiness and fills any room with its typical heat. The base stove stores heat and radiates it slowly and consistently during the day through the tiled surface. It provides your house with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. On a bench at the tiled stove you can best enjoy the radiating heat of the tiles closest and completely relax. Let yourself unwind, forget about all your troubles and leave the everyday life outside.

The heating fireplace combines modern technology and pleasant heat with the  fascinating dance of the flames. The fire in the viewing  window let’s you enjoy peace and security. Individually fitted to each room design, the heating fireplace is next to all amenities, also an eye-catcher and creates a special atmosphere.

» Heating fireplace:

The heating fireplace combines modern technology and pleasant heat with the fascinating dance of the flames. The fire in the viewing window let’s you enjoy peace and security. Individually fitted to each room design, the heating fireplace is next to all amenities, also an eye-catcher and creates a special atmosphere.

» Range of services:

We build tiled stoves, tiled cookstoves, heating fireplaces, open wood burning fireplaces as well as baking ovens and heating systems for the whole house according to the customer’s individual requests and needs. All these are being build in our certified master business, meeting the highest quality standards and on the basis of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology.

» Model design:

Three dimensionality stimulates the imagination of our customers more than anything else. Therefore we design a scale model at your request. This way you get an accurate idea about the dimensions and size of the tiled stove or fireplace.

» Open fireplaces:

An open fireplace means pure fire sensation and conjures up the most original fascination of fire enjoyment. It quenches our desire for naturalness and is an oasis of tranquility and well-being in our fast moving times. The crackling and popping of the open fire and the unbridled dance of the flames create a soothing and romantic atmosphere.

» Restoration and reproduction:

Restauration und Reproduktion | David Haas Ofenbau
David Haas and the archabbot of the monastery St. Peter

During his career David Haas has always dealt with the rehabilitation of historic heating objects and developed his special interest for representative style stoves.

During his apprenticeship at one of the most renowned restorers, he gained crucial insights into the secrets of restoration. This way he acquired specific know-how, traditional expertise and skills.

Restauration und Reproduktion | David Haas Ofenbau

The range of restoration today includes not only the repair of small optical defects or the fixing of glaze damages. It is essential that we can also repair damaged tile ware or facilitate the complete reproduction of individual tiles. Starting in September 2014, we will be operating as a certified restoration company with valuable traditional knowledge and artful craftsmanship with loving attention to detail.

» Services:

We consider our master craftsmanship as a diversified service. In order to meet your personal wishes and ideas fully, our individual and professional support is just as essential as an intensive planning that goes hand in hand with today's requirements for modern fireplaces.

We take our time with you and together we will design all details, determine the suitable tiled stove for your specific customary use, taking into account the structural peculiarities of your room, house and living situation and gladly advise you on all building material issues.

» Environment & Energy:

All our heating systems are planned, built and calculated by us and are according  to certified standards (art.15a of the Federal Constitutional Law concerning „safeguard measures for small combustion installations"). They meet the strictest standards of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. After completion of the  tiled stoves or fireplaces and as proof of compliance with the law, we will give you the technical documentation of the heating system, a nameplate and the operating instructions.